Cheap Charley's - Missoula's U-Haul local & One Way Moving Truck & Trailer Rental Center.

Missoula U-haul Truck Rentals

Cheap Charley's Mini Storage LLC is dedicated to providing you with excellent service and U-Haul local or one way moving trucks and supplies. We are here to help you with all your moving needs. At Cheap Charley's we have:

  • U-Haul Truck Rentals - Local & One Way
  • U-Haul Trailers & Towing
  • Boxes & Packing Supplies

Quick U-haul Truck Specifications and Information

The 10ft moving trucks are perfect for studio and apartment moves as well as 1-2 bedroom moves. Our moving trucks have low loading decks which makes them 50 percent easier to load.

15ft moving trucks are great for 1-2 bedroom house and apartment moves. The 15ft truck rentals have cab seating for three, and have low loading decks which make loading 50 percent easier. Plus, all rental trucks have a ready-to-go towing package!

The 17ft moving truck rental is a great low cost option for 2-3 bedroom moves. These trucks are perfect for two bedroom houses, large apartments and office relocation moves.

Our 20ft moving trucks are ideal for 2 - 3 bedroom moves like a 2-3 bedroom house or apartment.

The 24ft moving trucks are ideal for larger bedroom apartments or 3-4 bedroom home moves.

Bigger families moving both in-town and one-way generally choose 26ft moving truck rentals as they are perfect for 4+ bedroom moves.

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